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Our mission is to give 70% effort, 100% of the time, unless we are not feeling motivated.
We play tabletop games and RPG’s in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Cheers! -Nunda

Here’s the last 10 games we played:

 For a full list of out collection CLICK HERE.

On October 20th the GEAP groups (minus Bryan) went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. A good time was had by all. (minus Bryan who attended the day before.) I included a picture of Bryan and his wife Jenny that I extracted without permission from his Facebook page, because I could. So, lets all pretend he was there with us on the same day, which as I mentioned previously, he wasn’t. This description is not intended to make Bryan feel guilty about not attending with his long time board game group. But to see how long it takes for someone in the group to notice it.

On October 12th we attended Cin-City Con at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati.

We played Power Grid with Patrick Hillier, Alan Hillier and Bill Kunes. We have an annual Power Grid game play with Patrick every year at Origins, and hopefully this will become a Cin-City Con event for us too. We only attended Saturday, but had a great time trying out some new games and hanging with some new friends.

Buckeye Game Fest 2019

We attended the 2019 Buckeye game fest at the Columbus Convention Center on Sept 7th. A great time to see out good friends Carl, Joe Ellis, Rodney Smith and met some new friends too.

Our friends Charlotte and Patrick were married!

We had a great time at Origins 2019! Check out the pictures!

What the Hell have we been doing? (June 8th 2019 Update)

There’s been a lot going on in May. DM John and Heather tied the knot at The Shaker Village in Kentucky. The GEAP Crew joined in to celebrate and nobody didn’t have too much to drink. Especially Emily and Jodie, they both didn’t not have too much to drink.

From the RPG front, We traveled back to Dawnington to establish our domination of Altenterra with our 16th Level characters. Then returned back to find our way out of the Abyss with our 6th level characters.

Board gaming was light throughout May, But we did pick up a few new games that we really enjoy. Including Noctiluca, Men at Work & Tiny Towns. We plan to Play 7th Continent on Vacation and work in Robinson Crusoe after we finish the Beagle expansion from the original.

Incorrigible Party Podcast!

May was a massive month for the Incorrigible Party. We have currently release 18 episode and 6 After Party’s. We have hosted 2 NPC Guest (Patrick Hillier and Pep MacDonald). We broke our arbitrary goal of 1000 downloads by the end of May. We have a lot of great things planned for the Incorrigible Party Podcast, so if you not listening yet, you can join us HERE.

Detmer’s 3rd Annual Spring Tabletop Day 2019!

On April 27th 2019 we hosted our 3rd annual Spring Tabletop day at GEAP Headquarters. We had a fantastic turnout of 23 friends attending and tons of games being played for over 12 hours. Meepillow winners were Patrick Hayden, Andrew Elstun, and Jodie Thomas! We had special guest all the way from Canada – Alana (Bryn ) @mcslicken and Bill (Falzaran) @fitzieSimmons from the world famous live D&D podcast The Incorrigible Party. They refused to give autographs, but luckily nobody asked.

Thanks so much to all our great friends who attended! We are very fortunate to have met such fantastic people through this hobby and hope we all keep gaming together for years to come! For those who could not make it, we hope to see you this Fall for the 2nd Annual Fall Tabletop day! – J&E

The Incorrigible Party Podcast has been Released!

The Day has finally arrived! On April 1st 2019 the first few episodes of the Incorrigible Party Podcast were released. Join Leland (Dungeon Master),
Emily (Gozer) , Bill (Falzeren) Alana (Bryn) and yours truly ( Shaft) as we adventure in the land of Aspara.

Visit from Gil Melo (Dwarf Token) of Geek Spiel

On March 25th, Gil Melo visited GEAP Headquarters for a few games. We had an awesome time. He taught is Architects of the West Kingdom and we played On Tour. We always look forward to spending time with Gil at Origins and Gen Con.

Dawnington Conclave D&D 5E adventures (March 27th 2019)

Out of the Abyss Session 16 – Welcome to Neverlight Grove. Our DM surprised us with a massive mushroom. Which we viewed from afar then quickly left the area making all the exhaustive hours of crafting work useless. We suck.

Daviscon (March 22nd-24th)

From March 22nd through March 24th we attended the Bachelor party retreat for our friend and current Dungeon Master John Davis. Over 16 attendees from Johns past through his current Geek friends (us) attended the event at a Lodge in Hawking Hills Ohio. There was way to much food and drink. Games were played and many watched Basketball and wagered some cash. We were lucky enough to be able to play test a game from Cold Case Crackers titled: The 12th Street Theatre Case. We really enjoyed the game and look forward to seeing other titles in the future.

Dawnington Conclave D&D 5E adventures (March 15th 2019)

Session 14 of the Out of the Abyss Campaign. Tonight we watched as Civil war engulfed the city of Gracklstugh. Faction against faction battled for supremacy, ultimately dethroning King Horgar Steelshadow V. We did not stick around to find out who attained power, but headed off on our Lizard mounts to find our way out of the Underdark.

Dawnington One Shot – The Halls of Everforge
Tonight Emily and I Co-DM’ed a One Shot adventure that was set 30 years prior to our current Dawnington Adventures. Citizens of Dawnington were volunteering to see if they had what it takes to survive the boot camp trails deemed the Gauntlet. 15 eager adventurers entered, but only 5 made it to end. Those hearty folk then trained in their respective arts to later be called upon to rescue Polla Everforge from her evil kidnappers.

Emily then DM’ed the second part of the adventure which technically was a TPK. But through a few strokes of luck and some slight rules modifications, the party survived and brought Polla back to Dawnington, but ultimately failed the mission, allowing a Flame dragon to be released upon Altenterra.

Dawnington Conclave D&D 5E adventures (Feb 8th 2019)

Session 13 of the Out of the Abyss Campaign. We spent the night progressing the story line by learning more about the clans in Gracklstugh. After some thievery and political intrigue, we learned enough to kickoff a civil war within the city. The night ended with a rallying cry for a revolt agianst the mad king.

 Incorrigible Club D&D Podcast (Feb 8th 2019 Update)

The Incorrigible Club D&D Podcast is underway. This week we recorded two sessions, which will probably breakdown to about four podcast. We are shooting for releasing episode 1 sometime in March.

 Dawnington Conclave D&D 5E adventures (Feb 1st 2019 Update)

We just completed Session 12 of the Out of the Abyss Campaign. We are still in Gracklstugh but have finally left the caves and achieved 5th level.

Groundhogs Day 2019 Game night