Welcome to the Good Enough Adventure Party website

Our mission is to give 70% effort, 100% of the time, unless we are not feeling motivated.
We play tabletop games and RPG’s in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Cheers! -Nunda

Here’s the last 10 games we played:

 For a full list of out collection CLICK HERE.

On Wednesday April 8th, Chris Whitpan of Game All Nite invited Emily and I to join Pep, Victor and Heather to play Fiasco – The Zoo. Listen in as we wreak havoc and try to “Save” the local Zoo. Things also take a turn for the worse as Southeastern Indiana gets a visit from Mother nature.


GEAPCON 4 was held March 6th through March 10th at the Heavenly Hills Lodge in Underwood, IN. We had 13 attendees! Our largest GEAPCON yet! Check out the pictures HERE!


We attended BGGCON in November 2019 in Dallas Texas. We played games with old friends and met quite a few new ones. Check out the pictures HERE.

Ohio RENFEST 2019

On October 20th the GEAP groups (minus Bryan) went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. A good time was had by all. (minus Bryan who attended the day before.) I included a picture of Bryan and his wife Jenny that I extracted without permission from his Facebook page, because I could. So, lets all pretend he was there with us on the same day, which as I mentioned previously, he wasn’t. This description is not intended to make Bryan feel guilty about not attending with his long time board game group. But to see how long it takes for someone in the group to notice it. Check out the pictures HERE.


On October 12th we attended Cin-City Con at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati.

We played Power Grid with Patrick Hillier, Alan Hillier and Bill Kunes. We have an annual Power Grid game play with Patrick every year at Origins, and hopefully this will become a Cin-City Con event for us too. We only attended Saturday, but had a great time trying out some new games and hanging with some new friends. Check out the pictures HERE.

Buckeye Gamefest 2019

We attended the 2019 Buckeye game fest at the Columbus Convention Center on Sept 7th. A great time to see out good friends Carl, Joe Ellis, Rodney Smith and met some new friends too. Check out the pictures HERE.


On August 2nd we headed to Indianapolis to meetup with friends and play some games. CHeck out the pictures HERE.

Origins 2019

On June 13th many of the Incorrigibles met in Columbus at the Origins Game fair to cause some havoc. Check out the pictures HERE.