Session #8 – The Crawl

DM- Steve Detmer
Fighter – Glarga (Jodie Hopkins)
Barbarian – Atizar (Rob Weghorn)
Fighter – The Fate  (Emily Detmer)
Warlock – Momma (John Davis)
Bard – Clairette (Jon Detmer)

Walking down the Main Street in Dawnington, the group came upon what appeared to be a child holding a sign. Free adventure with purchase of 5 lunches. Looking around they realized there were 5 of them there! After a short debate, they decided to ask what the lunch was. Sausages. It was then agreed that they would do it. The sausages were found satisfactory, 3 out of 5 stars, but the service was a bit lacking. The small man (being not a child after all) had forgotten about the offer of an adventure, and was sternly reminded. That was, after all, the only reason the group had stopped.

With full stomachs, the group was led to the back of the tavern to a large, ornate door. Through the door and down a staircase, there were only the options of going straight down a long hallway, or left through a closed door. Atizar broke open the door. Inside was a 10 for balcony at the back of the room with a rope hanging down. The Fate walked over to the rope and began climbing. As soon as she touched the rope, a loud high pitched voice said “5”. A GREEN FLAMEing skull was on the balcony. The group battled and eventually defeated it. Other doors were tried, and the group found themselves in another room where they battled 3 specters. Once defeated, Clairet found a door mimic, and just managed to avoid getting munched. More hallways, more doors, the group found another staircase. Climbing down the stairs, they found themselves back at the beginning of their journey.

It was decide to go straight down the hallway this time. More doors, rooms, hallways. They found a map of the entire dungeon and were able to figure out how to get around. It was decided that one area looking like it could be an exit, so they started making their way towards it. They found a room with a mosaic that had 5 red squares that moved as they did. They found a room with knives through the entire middle, shooting through the floor, ceiling and walls. They found a room with a gargoyle and some other creature with a big soccer ball eye. Atizar was knocked unconscious. The rest of us proved more difficult that the creature felt like dealing with, so it left. Atizar was revived and the gargoyle defeated.

Just as the group began to despair ever finding the way out, they found themselves back in the tavern. Everything was the same as before they left, and the little man was surprised to see them. He said no one else had ever made it back before!