Emily’s Favorite People

While attending Origins and Gencon we have made some great friends who we look forward to seeing each year. Here are some pics of some of Emily’s best friends. She’s so lucky….

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Emily and I were both very excited to attend GENCON 50 this year! We were looking forward to reconnecting with our old Con friends and meeting some new Con friends.

Emily saw fellow Hoosiers Gary and David and just had to say “hi”. Gary said something about a violation of a 500 foot restraining order. But Emily converted to the metric system a few years back.

We met this guy at the Portal games booth. She asked him what his name was, but he just kept talking about the Chevy he was working on in his shed. Emily is not into cars, so she just stopped asking. Hope we see him again next year to see how his car turns out.

On Friday after the Convention, Emily wanted to get something to eat. Everything was packed so we just went to the hotel bar. It just so happened that our good friends Rodney Smith and Jamie Keagy had some kind of make shift dice in a cereal bowl thing that they were pawning off as a real game. Emily likes throwing things at other things, so she joined in.

We found a table after the tupperware party ended. All her Con friends stopped over to catch up. It was still pretty loud in the bar, so Rodney was kind enough to speak up so Emily could hear him, but she is not fluent in Canadian so she was not really sure what he was talking about.

Later, she noticed her bar stool was on his foot and he didn’t even say a word about it. What a nice guy.

Emily and I are true Cabalist. “CABALIST TILL DEATH!”

As a surprise Emily called the Tow Yard and cancelled the reservation for the Saturday night meetup. She has a friend who works at the Alexander hotel in Indy, so she reserved the bar for significantly less money, She knew Jamie would be happy to save a few bucks to put toward some new Warhammer mini’s.

Chris Miller stopped by and talked with Emily about clouds or something. Then left his drink on our table and wandered away. He returned a bit later and chatted. Here Emily reassured Chris that nobody touched his drink while he was gone, and she certainly did not spit in it.

Tony stopped by our table to give Emily a few words of wisdom, but before he could, Emily wanted to enlighten Tony on some new Blood Rage strategies she has been reading about on Facebook. As you see here, he seemed to be happy to get some gaming advice. Emily always makes it a point to act right.

Rob is one of Emily’s new friends this year. He’s a pretty laid back guy and after a nice quiet conversation, he let her know that she was #1 in his book. Emily loves compliments.

Christina and Emily just met, but they became instant friends. Here Christina is showing Emily the new hat she just bought. 🙂

Emily had just purchased the game Summit from our new friend Brandon. He has some kinda fight club thing going on with his brother in what he called the “war room” in New Mexico. He kept trying to explain it in more detail, but she stopped listening out of respect for rule #1.

One of Emily’s new friends this year is Marty Connell. She gave him some advice on how to improve the famous Connell Cluster shuffling technique by just keeping the cards face up.

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Kentucky Mike hates the letter “A”. Here you can see him trying to erase it off Emily’s shirt.

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Origins 2016

At Origins 2016 our friend Chaz Marler was teaching Quartz to Emily. He’s wasn’t doing a very good job. After a while he just started saying “Do you even know what a table top game is?”

Origins 2017

Our good friend Steve Spang took a moment to say “hi” in the convention hall. I don’t think he recognized Emily at first cause he was wearing his sun glasses.

The Tantrum house crew heard that Emily was in the Convention hall. It seemed like every time we saw them they were headed the other way very quickly. But luckily we cut through a few booths and caught them in the crowd. They were so excited when we ran into them.

We ran into Emily’s close friend Stephen Buonocore. She told him she really loves how he promotes Stonemeier games. He’s always talking about them.

Emily’s friend Lincoln was happy we stopped by the Board Game Geek booth. She asked him if  he was standing on a box or something, cause on Youtube he and Nikki are about the same height.

Long time you tuber and good friend, Tom Vasel, was at the Dice Tower booth when we walked by. Tom was acting a little strange when we said “hi”. He does look a lot different without one of his hats on.  If you look really closely you can see Zee Garcia in the background. He’s her favorite after… Sam, Eric and Jason.

We ran into Jason Levine too. We never noticed his stutter before. He kept telling us it was Summerer, and Emily politely kept saying “Yes, We know Jason, it’s June”. He should do something about that stutter if he’s going to be in social media. I could not imagine this guy reading a book to you.

Here’s a picture of Emily’s pal Ryan Lauket. He was asking if we are playing Above and Below and Near and Far. I think he used to be a proof reader for Dr. Seuss or something.
His friend was very exited to see our new camera.

One of Emily’s newest friends is Emerson Matsuuchi. I think he hosts a cooking show or something cause he just kept talking about spices. Eventually, he asked if her badge was valid and if we even knew why we came here in the first place. Emerson, he’s a funny guy.

It was very hot at the Gordon Biersch, So Emily ordered some cold water, no lemon. They brought her a glass of water with ice in it. That’s just their way of skimping on the amount of drink you get. Here our waiter kept trying to explain that we were actually getting more water if it has ice in it. No tip for this guy.