There are a number of great Youtube reviewers and Pod casters that the GEAP supports.

Check them out by clicking the image for the link.

The Adventure Zone is one of the Best 5E podcast we have heard to date. Justin, Travis, Clint and Griffin McElroy do it right,

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is great entertainment and informative. We are Proud supporters of the recent Kickstarter. We have had the pleasure of attending two Origins Cabal Meetups and one GenCon Meetup. We have met all the guys and they truly appreciate their subscribers.

Yet another podcast that is entertaining and informative. Great group that make the 45 minute drive to work fly by.


Watch it played is the best Learn to play Youtube channel for tabletop gaming. We have been a proud sponsor for the last two years. Rodney is a great guys who we have had the honor to meet at both Gencon and Origins. We hope to meet Pep one day too.

PoDP is another fun You Tube channel. We first saw Chaz Marler on Board Game Breakfast from teh dice tower. We found his contribution to the show to be one of our favorites. We are lucky enough to have met Chaz a few times at both Origins and GenCon, Emily was even pictured in one of his videos about Origins., We are proud contributors to PoDP and our pal Chaz.


SU&SD is Tabletop comedy gold. Paul, Quinns & Matt review games like no others. We can’t wait for the next episode, and honestly don’t care what they are reviewing. Many times we disagree with their game preferences, but could care less. It’s just a God Damn Good channel and you should be ashamed of yourself for not watching it now.

Jon Purkis not only spells his first name correctly, (There is no need for an “h”) but he creates creative, funny and enjoyable content.


What else can you say about the Dice Tower other than its the original game review channel. Tom, Sam, Zee and the Crew have covered almost every game created. We watch Board Game Breakfast every Monday. Throat Punch Lunch is another one to check out.


Board Game Geek (Game Night!) is another great place to learn games. Watch a full play through and see if the game is for you.


Board game babble. Check out Christian and his thoughts on Gaming


Great weekly update and D&D Q&A