Alternterra Maps

These maps are a record of what has been found during the adventures through Altenterra. Once the locations are verified, then are added to the official map below.

1-19-18 The map below was discovered in the Hollen Du-Mal Sanctuary. It looks to be magical and made of a unknown material. A note found with the map gives a clue as to how to reveal additional information. The note reads: The map must be washed in the Azula, Laid to dry upon the Alter of the Darkmere under the Symid Sun, then the unseen will be revealed. ~ Bowezahr

1-1-19 The Map below was also recovered from the Hollen Du-Mal Sanctuary. It shows some changes marked by Bowezahr.

2-2-18 – The map below was found on Neddlenose in the laboratory hidden near a Bugout cabin set near Dunkler Forest. It is believed to belong to Ramis.