Origins 2017

I think this is the only picture of us at Origins.
Actually, I think its the only picture I’m in.

Arrival! Friday Morning 11:00! It’s  cooler in the Parking Garage.

Origins is just the right size. You can get you badges within just a few minutes…. Well if you pre-ordered. But if you didn’t, the wait is mere moments compared to GenCon.

Friday Morning is a good time to pick up some games before they sell out, Then settle in for some demo games.

Big time flicking going on!

Emily and Brian are demoing the Dresden files co-op card game.

Conan Demo from 12:00 to 2:00. We had mostly lost by 12:35, which included 30 minutes of rules explanation. The Demo guy said he has never seen such a sad group of adventurers in all his plays of Conan. We deemed that a VICTORY!

Before the Slaughter.

We bought Century Spice Road and this guy thought he knew everything about it.

Emily spotted a non-gamer at the Secret Cabal Meetup. She is looking up images to show them that Deep Sea Adventure is not Monopoly.

It was a little toasty outside, and inside, but we had a great night as always!

Another successful Secret Cabal Meetup at the GB Brewery.

 It was unfortunate, but near the end of the night Chaz lost his left leg.
Here you can see him questions Rich Summer as to it’s location.

Took a few shots around midnight. It cleared out quite a bit,
but many of us hung out till last call.

We met some new friends earlier in the night when we were all smashed together in the masses. Since they were next to our table, why not play some games. We played quite a few rounds of Deep Sea Adventure! Good times.

Group Air is not a good diving cost saving initiative.

Steven and Rich post lip lock. I saw what was going to go down, but could not get the lens cap off in time. 🙁

Steve, Marty and Rich practicing their hitchhiking skills. Rich is still learning.

I think Steve told a joke… I couldn’t hear anything accept the ticket numbers. I heard Steve’s joke earlier in the night, so it was for the best.

Christina from BPPP and TJ who we met Demo testing Barenpark earlier that day.

 Jamie toasting the Cabalist!

Emily is teaching Chaz how to smile. He’s….. working on it.

She looks innocent…..

Cabal loot!

Lincoln spoke with us for quite a while. Great guy.
We hope to make it to Texas someday to BGGCON.

Ryan Laukat (It’s pronounced locket- I asked) is one of our favorite Designers/Publishers/Artist/Developer/Short order cook/Private Pilot/well, you get the idea…

Play tested Unearth with Stewart. Interesting mechanics.