Tabletop Day 4 – Spring 2019!

On April 27th 2019 we hosted our 3rd annual Spring Tabletop day at GEAP Headquarters. We had a fantastic turnout of 23 friends attending and tons of games being played for over 12 hours. Meepillow winners were Patrick Hayden, Andrew Elstun, and Jodie Thomas! We had special guest all the way from Canada – Alana (Bryn ) @mcslicken and Bill (Falzaran) @fitzieSimmons from the world famous live D&D podcast The Incorrigible Party. They refused to give autographs, but luckily nobody asked.

Thanks so much to all our great friends who attended! We are very fortunate to have met such fantastic people through this hobby and hope we all keep gaming together for years to come! For those who could not make it, we hope to see you this Fall for the 2nd Annual Fall Tabletop day! – J&E