Session #2 – The Mysterious Ship

Tales from the Dawnington Conclave

DM- Rob Weghorn
Fighter – Juur Dali (Jon Detmer)
Druid  – Willowmina (Emily Detmer)
Ranger – Nicholas (Jason Weghorn)
Wizard – Melink Mistwicket (Andy)
Monk – Larry Barrywicket (Hans)

This is my account of our adventure. My name is Juur Dali.
We all met in the Dawnington Tavern on a mild Autumn day.
As we enjoyed our mid-morning Ale, the town crier Everett came in and nailed up the latest bounties and job postings to the main support beam.

There was an interesting request for someone to investigate a Mysterious ship seen crossing the horizon on nights of a full moon. We set off to see the Dock Warden to get additional information as the coin reward would supply us with quite a few weeks of good food, ale and whatever company we desire to pass the time. Well, at least for some of us.

We had a brief conversation with Paragrim the Daytime Dock Warden who told us to talk with the Night Warden Marcus. Then we spoke with Bill the drunkard dock worker, who claims to have seen the mysterious ship first hand. This gave us little information as he may have been a few sheets to the wind when this occurred.

Marcus the Dock Warden agreed to accompany us with some crew on a small vessel called the Jenny to allow us to board the ship the next night.

We then gathered our supplies and went to visit the Leader of the Dawnington Men at Arms, to see if he had any additional information. It just so happens that he is Nicholas’ father. After an uncomfortable conversation with his pop, and a brief flirting with his elderly secretary, by yours truly, we rested until it was time to set off.

We took the Jenny to sea the next night. The moon was full and the mysterious ship crested the horizon right on schedule. We came upon the ships port side and climbed the rope ladder attached to the side of the boat. The deck was clear, and upon further investigation we found that the ship had no helmsman nor crew, but was on a set course of its own choosing.

We headed below deck. The crews quarters were dead quite. Literally, all the crew were dead in their quarters. Skeletal remnants of a hearty men who were not of this world any longer. We further examined the First Mate and Captains quarters to find a similar fate had fell upon them many years past.

A loose board in the floor revealed a small chest and a map. When the lid was opened a cold chill fell upon us all as a ghostly spirit rose upward through the ceiling toward the ships helm. We proceed back to the upper deck to find a specter steering the vessel. He made no sound nor indication of being a threat. We looked over the port side to see the Jenny was nowhere to be found. Our life raft had abandoned us and we were along for the ride.