Session #3 – The Pillars of Pelagia

Tales from the Dawnington Conclave

DM- Jon Detmer
Fighter – Glarga (Jodie Hopkins)
Cleric – Delmont (Rob Weghorn)
Fighter – The Fate (Emily Detmer)
Warlock – Momma (John Davis)

Wizard? Did someone say Wizard? I, your beloved Mama, loves to read, so long as the text is of interest. The trouble is finding the right text. It is not easy to find texts in the language I seek, for they are from long ago. Most of these ancient texts were destroyed, hidden, or protected, and for good reason. But wizards have texts. Lots of them usually. Melina Mystwicket apprentice to Arcadianus, I’ll let you pronounce that on your own. The rest of these party goers kept referring to cat butts through the duration of our adventure. But you are not hear to learn about me, so let me start over.
We got word from Melina, who got word from Lazlo, who got word from Myricia, that Arcadianus, skilled Wizard, friend to the Wizard Lazlo, Master to the apprentice Melina, controller of his pseudo-dragon Myrica, that Arcadianus has gone missing. Got that!? Good, neither did I! All I know is that a wizard is missing and I’ve been asked to go to a tower to look for clues to find him. We have heard through this magical grapevine of friendships that Myrica fears Acradianus may have been captured or killed by some Lady aquatic Drow rumored around these mystical Pillars.
I think this Drow lady was called Solemaya. She wants to join the The House Forlorna, but must obtain the Shadowstone if she hasn’t already. Yes that Shadowstone, the one created by the mighty Kraken feared by sailors for millennia.
We travel up the coast about 10 days discovering what I assume to be the 1st of 7 Pillars of Pelagia. The pillar is off 200ft out from the coast, reaching from a violent sea up 100ft with a spiraling staircase. There appears to be no easy way to get to the pillar save for a box of mechanical nature. It dispenses a fragrant yellow perfume for a small donation. It is a highly recommend accessory. I am not sure if it has any magical effects, but I will tell you that Glarga could barely control herself around me when I applied it to my face. She tackled me and licked my face like a mastiff greeting who has longed for their owner far too long.
During this unwanted face licking that Delmont & The Fate noticed a winged creature between us and the tower. Glarga recognizes it as a Harpy. I (Mamma) attack, sending a blast 100ft towards the harpy. I must be losing my sight as I get on in years, because I missed. The Harpy waves her arms and a sigil appears accompanied by a singing in the distance. Glarga send a crossbow bolt into the Harpy and it falls tumbling to the turbulent sea.
Searching for a way to reach the tower, Delmont has a better faith in things that have never been seen than most of us. He casts a handful of sand over the cliff to reveal an invisible bridge. The Fate and Glarga tie themselves to each other. The Fate takes the lead on the invisible bridge, Glarga stays back as an anchor. I follow The Fate’s lead until she reached the end of her rope. Glarga follows, casting sand making it easier for us to navigate this invisible bridge. The winds are strong and after a few brushes with death we make it to the other side.

The five of us are atop the invisible bridge at a locked door. Magical runes that read “Knock to Enter” across the top of the door give us pause. Exposed wires lead us to believe it is trapped. From a safe distance, I use rope and my Mage Hand magic to pull on the door handle. A massive explosion blasts 30ft from the door, nearly knocking us back on the bridge even further. But we gain entry to a room with double doors opposite the entry way we have just obliterated. The Fate determines these are trap free and enters the doors.

We find ourselves in a room with 6 pillars leading us to two large 15ft statues, one of a half seal half woman, the other a man with an hourglass. Across the floor in blood is a message written in Draconic script. Glarga fails to read it with her tongue. Since it is not in written in braille, and braille has not been invented yet, this doesn’t surprise Delmont who translates the text to “behind the seal is the seal.”
Meanwhile between Bogen and Delmont they recognize the gods Pelagia, Delvyr, and Chroanus from the 6 images around the hexagonal pillars in the hall. Something clicks with Bogen, he yells to the group, “it’s a fucking puzzle!” Along the back wall is engraved another message that reads “When she glances towards the setting sun the passage to her shrine is won.” We turn the 3 north pillars to face Pelagia towards the west. The Fate turns the large statue of Pelagia and is temporarily disoriented by pain. We then turn the remaining three pillars on the south side of the hall towards the west.
This is when we have our first vision of goblin like humanoids bursting into the hall, followed by a black horned drow. This must be Solemaya. A wizard appears and begins a magic battle. The Goblinoids cower. Before the great fight is resolved we snap back to our reality. (What is reality, though? Is it the, the wine that we drink or food we taste? The people we meet, the hands that we shake? the thoughts that we think when a pet is replaced, nonmatter how discrete, like when our hearts ache?)

Once the pillars are all in place, the stationary pillar opens and reveals steps. At that point Delmont realizes that all the pillars do not reach the ceiling. He discovers a nest, presumably form the pseudodragon. In the nest is a toy dolphin. Within the dolphin is a is a wooden Dolphin trinket.

Glarga and The Fate discover a smooth shaft behind the statue of Pelagia. I send my Superb Owl scout down the shaft, but about 10ft down was and unseen glass barrier. Superb did not survive the impact at the speed she was sent down. While I summon a Superb replacement, Bogen keeps watch over me. The rest of the party decides to explore up the stairs.
They find themselves atop the tower, outside. There is a giant horn, and crab statue. Glarga blows the horn and a pod of whales respond by wailing in the distance. She feels all warm and fuzzy. The Fate investigates a compartment on the statue, and dozens of small crabs come shuffling out. They attack the crabs and once they do the large stone crab (I hear they’re delicious) attacks. By this time, I have finished my familiar ritual, and accompany Bogen up the stairs to join the others in their fight. At this point the large crab has hold of The Fate while she struggles to escape its grasp. Bogen finishes off one swarm, while Delmont does enough damage to revert the crab back to its stone form. Delmont then focuses in the second swarm dealing the finishing blow.
After watching these dullards, try to lift this stone statue one at a time, I use my staff as a lever to pry it up enough to access the compartment. While I am not strong I am sharp, like a fine rapier.
In the compartment, we find a Prayer Book of Pelagia, and a Pewter candelabra with 4 arms, with a matching pewter handle set with pink pearls. It looks as if the Dolphin and 3 other charms belong to this piece of art. Bogen notices another compartment on the base of the horn which leads to silver whale trinket. Delmont collects the second trinket of the four. After we all take turns blowing the horn, we had back down stairs.
A few mishaps with the shaft we discover it can be powered by supplying magic to the sapphire and rubies attached to the entry walls. A simple cantrip does the trick. We take the elevator down to the second floor and find ourselves in what appears to be a trophy room.
There are four life-like statues and a few other artifacts in the room. I pick up a spyglass once belonging to Horacio Salthorn triggering large skeleton shark jaws to attack us, but they are no match for this group. While I have the spyglass none of the other artifacts will budge from their pedestals. It must be a trick, where you must choose one and only one item at a time, so I return the spyglass to the pedestal. Boy! Was I wrong. Now all the artifacts are glued to the pedestals. Such a shame, I would have liked that narwhal horn, and spyglass.
After a bit of tugging and a little help from Glarga, Delmont can whip out the sword from one of the statues. Preventing it from releasing was a third copper trinket of a swordfish. Also in the room is a dartboard and four darts. After besting Bogen in a quick round I notice that the 4th dart is a cleverly disguised quill.
After some thought to a food chain puzzle, we unlock a secret door which leads outside to worn steps that spiral around the tower, down to the treacherous waves. But before we even enter the corridor, we have our second vision. This is of the Solmaya again. One of her henchmen carry a wizard over his shoulder, she leads others who are pulling a massive black slab behind them, the Shadowstone I suspect. We snap out of it back to what I consider a walking dream, what you would call reality.
We decide to turn back from the secret door and head back to the elevator. We head down to the third floor down. The final floor. We find ourselves in what I believe to be the wizards quarters. A study, a kitchen, a bedroom, a studio and locked door. Yes books! Hopefully I can find some text that will satisfy me. The rooms are disheveled and items are tossed about. The Fate hands me a nicely bound book but all the pages are blank. The quill from the dartboard begins to quiver behind my ear. A few commands to the quill and the wizard’s entries are revealed. We learned of how the Shadowstone was obtained, how to open chests with the secrets of the stone, how the wind chimes of Pelagia are a magical device.
I examine the book, Delmont examines the bedroom and searches for magic around the wizard’s quarters, The fate examines the fireplace, Bogen the kitchen and Glarga the Study. Glarga finds a plate covered with a sigil in the studio, Delmont finds a magic scroll in the bedroom, Bogen finds a clue leading to the swordfish trinket we have already discovered. The locked door glows for Delmont as he explores along with a missing brick from the fireplace. There are 4 chunks of green coral that grant freedom of movement when crushed. There is a magical Glyph on the locked door, I try to blast it open! Nothing. Glarga examines a Golden disc in the studio that looks like it matches the door. She picks it up to show us and everything goes black.

That is how we ended up back here in Dawnington. Thanks, Glarga, licker of words.

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