Session #4 – Orcs!

Tales from the Dawnington Conclave

DM- Rob Weghorn
Fighter – Glarga (Jodie Hopkins)
Bard – Clairette (Jon Detmer)
Fighter – The Fate (Emily Detmer)
Warlock – Momma (John Davis)
Ranger – Bogen (Steve Detmer)

We traveled to the west to find out more about the rumors of Orc attacks on the Dawnington farmers. We discovered a farm that had been burned to the ground.
We tracked and killed a small group of Orcs back to which lead us to an abandoned farm. We found coins with symbols we had not seen before.

We tracked more Orcs back to a large encampment and attacked when the time was right. We were fortunate to defeat the Orcs and send the guardian Ogre running off into the forest. There we found a young woman who lived in the farmhouse we just left. She said her family was captured and taken further to the west.

We continued tracking the Orcs from the camp to a small town which looks to be completely overrun. We hoped this was where the young woman’s family was being held.

As we approached the building we believed to hold the captors Bogans mind was taken my some strange force. We had to restrain him before he gave away our position, drawing the massive hoard of Orcs to capture us or even worse.

We retreated back to Dawnington to tell the City Men at arms about what we found and hoped to return with a larger force.