Session #5 – The Pillars of Pelagia (return)

Tales from the Dawnington Conclave

DM- Jon Detmer
Fighter – Glarga (Jodie Hopkins)
Cleric – Delmont (Rob Weghorn)
Druid – Willowmina  (Emily Detmer)
Warlock – Momma (John Davis)
Sorcerer – Lia (Heather Elstun)

The Harpy still guards the tower I cast Hideous laughter on her sending her tumbling to the ocean, but has not been confirmed dead.

Turns out those trophies were just magically glued down. We found some solvents and made quick work of it. I ended up covered in that glue stuff and had to strip down to my birthday suit to avoid sticking to everything. Luckily I had a spare set of clothes in my pack.

We saved Myricia(sp?) the psyudodragon from Solmya(sp?) but did not run into the bad horned drow lady. So we don’t know where the wizard is, nor the bad drow lady. (or was the wizard dead? he might be dead I’m getting forgetful in my years) The shadow stone is still not found.

There is a big crab submarine up there but needs two to pilot. It could be an adventure trying to bring it back!

Oh yeah, there was a HUGE explosion about 15 miles west of the pillar! (Ten days north and 15 miles west) It shook everything! Holy cow! I’m a little suspicious as it was a giant plume shaped like a dragon.

When’s the next adventure!?