Session #1 – Temple of Two faces

Tales from the Dawnington Conclave

DM- John Davis
Barbarian – Atizar (Rob Weghorn)
Fighter – Glarga (Jodie Hopkins)
Ranger – Bogen (Steve Detrmer)
Bard – Clairet Windsong (Jon Detmer)
Fighter – The Fate (Emily Detmer)

This is my account of our adventure. My name is Clairet Windsong. I joined a group of Adventures in Dawnington to travel north, following the Blackrock River to find a great waterfall of riches. The rumor was the waterfall lay about two weeks travel from Dawnington, so after gathering our supply’s, we headed out.

The first few nights were uneventful. On the second or third day, I cant recall, we came upon a group of men dressed in ragged clothing with an overturned wagon and what appeared to be a dead body. We quickly discovered they were bandits and the wagon was a ruse. A short battle insured and soon after their bodies were stacked in their wagon.

We found a map, a journal and a Large Gem with Two faces on it.

The journal was that of a Elizabeth Raventale and spoke of the Oracle’s Emerald, which we assumed was the gem we had just found.
It stated that everything the Oracle told her became true.

I drew a picture of the symbol on the Gem.

two face.jpg

We followed the map to a temple. The doorways were trapped with a kind of magic that inflicted pain to whoever tried to open them. We did find a sign which showed a key to the puzzle. Each door had am animal shaped latch, and the doors needed to be opened in a certain sequence to allow us to move forward. We made a crude map.

Two Face Temple.JPG

We eventually made it to a chamber where we placed the Gem on an alter which summoned Half Snake/Owl creature from a carving We assume this was the Oracle from the Journal.

When placing the gem on the alter it asked us “what do you seek, truth or lie” We all asked the questions and here is my account of what was said..

– An Urn of Gold is found and then restored
– Beware the Bone desert
– The Wizard is taller than you think
– In the City that the wolf enters, the enemy is close by
– The great satyr and the tiger present a gift to (something) of the Ocean
– Their images shall be found on the lake for the sculptor who is looking for clay, his people will be flooded with Gold
– The five shall be one

There was one other response that I cannot recall.

We left the temple and headed back toward the original quest, The waterfall.

We came upon a tower. Went inside and as we progressed upward through trap doors in the ceilings. Each level presented us with challenges of both mind and strength. We eventually made it to the top of the tower were we found the body of a wizard.

We did take a few items, I mean, he was not using them any more. We sold some of these items in the Dawnington shop.